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Public Sector Reform

Public Sector Reform

Język książki: angielski
Rok wydania: 2013
ISBN: 9781446240892
Wydawnictwo: SAGE Publications Ltd
Dodatkowe informacje:
Oprawa: oprawa twarda
Liczba stron: 1632
Wysyłamy: 4 - 8 tygodni. Wycena indywidualna.
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Public Sector Reform is endemic to public administrations and governmental structures globally. It is driven by a variety of dynamics and these vary according to their specific context: geographical, cultural, social, political, economic and temporal. This four-volume set brings together elements of the classical and modern work in this diverse field in a comprehensive and accessible way; providing an indispensable resource for both academics and practitioners from a social science and business perspective. Through a 4-volume structure, which takes in historical and modern day perspectives whilst maintaining a strong global focus on the subject, the set demonstrates that reform is a constant process and that it has been taking place for a long time; that which we often consider a 'golden age' in terms of Weberian bureaucracies or welfare state hierarchies, was itself a reform that belonged to a specific time and set of places. Volume One: The Historical Perspective of Reform Volume Two: Management and Post New Public Management: Reform in a time of Change Volume Three: Post-Soviet Reform Volume Four: The Developing World and Reform: African, Other Asian and Latin American Pathways 'This is a very impressive and extremely comprehensive collection. The range is unique: it provides an account of public sector reform from both a historical and global perspective. A must have resource for any institution which teaches and researches in the fields of public administration and public management.' Professor D W Parsons Queen Mary, University of London. "Public Sector Reform represents significant contribution to public administration scholarship edited by Andrew Massey. This four-volume set offers an excellent overview and an up-to-date intellectual guide to the complex and often changing field of public administration. It is comprehensive and balanced and should be read by anyone wanting to understand the field of public administration around the world. This set is particularly relevant for students, researchers and public administrators around the world. Read and learn." Pan Suk Kim, President, International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) and Vice Chair, UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration (UNCEPA)

Spis treści:
VOLUME ONE: THE HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF REFORM American versus European Public Administration - Richard Stillman Does Public Administration Make the Modern State, or Does the State Make Public Administration? One-Way, Two-Way or Dead-End Street - R.A.W. Rhodes The British influence on American Public Administration America's Part in World Reconstruction? - Henry A. Wallace China's Imperial Bureaucracy - Lawrence Herson Its Direction and Control Weber, Wilson and Hegel - Fritz Sager and Christian Rosser Theories of Modern Bureaucracy The Proverbs of Administration - Herbert Simon Public Administration and Business Management? - L. Urwick The Administration of Nationalized Industries in Britain - William Robson The United Nations - Walter Laves Re-Organizing the World's Governmental Institutions ? Japanese Administration - Milton Esman A Comparative View The Administrative Problems of a New State-Israel 1948-51 - Edwin Samuel The Administrative State Revisited - Dwight Waldo The Setting of Canadian Public Administration ? - Donald Gow Play It again, Sam; It's Still not Right - Patricia Ingraham Searching for the Right Notes in Administrative Reform Critical Success Factors in Public Management Reform - Roger Levy The Case of the European Commission From King to Court Jester? Weber's Fall from Grace in Organizational Theory - Michael Lounsbury and Edward Carberry Bureaucracy as an Organized Phenomenon* - Gyorgy Gajduschek* From Weber to the Present Day and back again? Is American Public Administration Detached from Historical Context? - Jos C.N. Raadschelders On Bureaucratic Centre-Formation in Government Institutions - Jarle Trondal Lessons from the European Commission VOLUME TWO: MANAGEMENT AND POST-NEW PUBLIC MANAGEMENT: REFORM IN A TIME OF CHANGE A Public Management for All Seasons? - Christopher Hood Antistatist Reforms and New Administrative Directions - Christopher Pollitt Public Administration in the United Kingdom? Better Regulation in Europe - Claudio Radaelli and A.C.M Meuwese Between Public Management and Regulatory Reform Control, Bargains and Cheating - Christopher Hood The Politics of Public-Service Reform The Hollowing out of the State - R.A.W. Rhodes The Changing Nature of the Public Service in Britain The Middle Aging of New Public Management - Christopher Hood and Guy Peters Into the Age of Paradox? Bureaucracies Remember, Post-Bureaucratic Organizations Forget? - Christopher Pollitt Strategies for Public Service Turnaround - George Boyne Lessons from the Private Sector? International versus Domestic Explanations of Administrative Reforms - Seriye Sezen The Case of Turkey Re-Integrating Government in Third-Generation Reforms of Australia and New Zealand - John Halligan Contextualizing the Meaning of Public Management Reforms - Taco Brandsen and Sunhyuk Kim A Comparison of The Netherlands and South Korea Global Ideas and Modern Public Sector Reforms - Tom Christensen A Theoretical Elaboration and Empirical Discussion of a Neo-Institutional Theory Informatization and New Public Management - Christine Bellamy and John Taylor An Alternative Agenda for Public Administration Governing Alone and with Partners - John Bumgarner and Chad B. Newswander Presidential Governance in a Post-NPM Environment The Future of Public Administration - Ali Farazmand Challenges and Opportunities - A Critical Perspective Is the New Public Management a Paradigm? Does it Matter? - James Iain Gow and Caroline Dufour The Proverbs of New Public Management - Kenneth J. Meier and Laurence J. O'Toole Jr Lessons from an Evidence-Based Research Agenda Public Management Reform - Renate Meyer and Gerhard Hammerschmid An Identity Project The Changing Public Service Bargain in the Federal Administration in Belgium - Christian De Visscher et al Contrasting New Public Management versus Post-New Public Manangement through Financial Performance - Jose Luis Zafra-Gomez et al A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Spanish Local Governments VOLUME THREE: REFORM AFTER THE COLD WAR Comparative Theft - Andrew Barnes Context and Choice in the Hungarian, Czech and Russian Transformations, 1989-2000 Globalization Social Welfare Reform and Democratic Identity in Russia and Other Post-Communist Countries - Andrea Chandler Varieties of Legacies - Jan-Hinrik Meyer-Sahling A Critical Review of Legacy Explanations of Public Administration Reform in East Central Europe The Reproduction of Estonian Provinces in the Context of Transitional Administrative Reform - Veiko Sepp and Jaanus Veemaa The Dilemmas of Reform in Weak States - Lucan Way The Case of Post-Soviet Fiscal Decentralization Soviet and Post-Soviet Planning in Almaty, Kazakhstan - Catherine Alexander Market Reform and Social Protection - Robert R. Kaufman Lessons from the Czech Republic , Hungary and Poland Kazakhstan - Colin Knox Modernizing Government in the Context of Political Inertia Public Sector Reform and the State - John Burns The Case of China ? A Case Study of China's Administrative Reform - Lisheng Dong, Tom Christensen and Martin Painter The Importation of the Super-Department One Country, Two Experiences - Anthony Cheung Administrative Reforms in China and Hong Kong Reform without a Theory - Zhichang Zhu Why Does it Work in China? Asia's Influence on Public Administration in the West - William Boyer and Mun-Hee Kang Four Challenges to Accountability in Contemporary Public Administration - Hon Chan and David Rosenbloom Lessons from the United States and China Civil Service Reform in the People's Republic of China - Gavin Drewry and Che-Po Chan Another Mirage of the New Global Paradigm of Public Administration? An Historical Overview of Korean Public Administration - Pan Suk Kim Discipline, Education, Association, International Co-Operation and beyond Indigenization Domestic Reform and Global Integration - Lan Xue and Kaibin Zhong Public Administration Reform in China over the Last 30 Years VOLUME FOUR: DIFFERENT PATHS TO REFORM: AFRICAN, OTHER ASIAN AND LATIN AMERICAN PATHWAYS Budgeting in Poor Countries - Naomi Caiden 10 Common Assumptions Re-Examined The United Nations Programme in Public Administration - Guido Bertucci and Adriana Alberti Re-Inventing Itself to Help Re-Invent Public Administration Public-Sector Transformation in South Africa - Philip Wenzel Getting the Basics Right Comparative Public Administration and Africa - Jamil Jreisat Lessons from Africa - Andrew Massey New Public Management and the Privatization of Kenya Airways Building New Competencies for Government Administrators and Managers in an Era of Public Sector Reforms - Nicholas Awortwi The Case of Mozambique The National Governance Programme, 2006-10 and the Modernization of the Administration - Raoul Tamekou Cameroon and New Public Management Organizational Culture and Public Sector Reforms in a Post-Washington Consensus Era - Francis Owusu Lessons from Ghana's Good Reformers Why Privatize? The Decline of Public Ownership in India and Its Impact on Industrial Performance - Sumit Majumdar The New Public Management Reforms in Asia - Ramanie Samaratunge, Quamrul Alam and Julian Teicher A Comparison of South and South-East Asian Countries Imitation and Inspiration in Public Sector Reform - Rob Laking and Richard Norman Lessons from Commonwealth Experiences Public Sector Reform and Good Governance - Syeda Naushin Parnini The Impact of Foreign Aid on Bangladesh Explaining Change in the Mexican Public Sector - Guillermo Cejudo The Limits of New Public Management Lost in Translation - Sunil Tankha Interpreting the Failure of Privatization in the Brazilian Electric Power Industry Pressures to Privatize? The IMF, Globalization and Partisanship in Latin America - David Doyle A Splendid Ruined Reform - Agustin Ferraro The Creation and Destruction of a Civil Service in Argentina Better Public Sector Governance through Partnership with the Private Sector and Civil Society - Regina Birner and Heidi Wittmer The Case of Guatemala's Forest Administration The Institutionalization of Meritocracy in Latin American Regulatory Agencies - Salvador Parrado and Miquel Salvador Political Functionality and Administrative Effectiveness - Rogerio Feital Pinto Three Models of Latin American Public Administration *Replacement for recently retracted article-more details here http://tpa.sagepub.com/content/25/2/15.full.pdf+html - N/A Gajduschek's article is directly available here: http://aas.sagepub.com/content/34/6/700.refs' - N/A

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